The most dynamic strategic game of all the ages.

No need to wait till the opponent plays!
You act simultaneously!

  • simple and exciting rules
  • unique landscape
  • realistic troops characteristics
  • highly detailed models
    of vehicles and infantry

Starter kit of the game
Starter kit of the game


A fresh reinforcement for miniature Soviet armies – the Soviet HQ in 1:72 scale. The set will please you with both high level of detalisation, historical accuracy and ease of assemble. The gamers who collect Soviet army for World War II game will be able to add this unit to their forces.

In 1941 the staff of RKKA regiment consisted of eleven men, nine of which were officers. The staff of the regiment was required to command the troops that were a part of the regiment and coordination of their actions with other troops nearby and superior command. The staff officers were armed mostly with sidearms.