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Art of Tactic WW2 - Capture the Flag

2 года 6 мес. назад#48205от Bagam
Bagam создал эту тему: Art of Tactic WW2 - Capture the Flag
Hello everybody!

I'm terribly sorry that I have to write this in English, but I'm afraid I don't speak Russian. And since the English version of this forum is dead (last post made in may)
I have decided to post my suggestion here anyway.

Art of Tactic WW2 - Capture the Flag is a complete modification to the original art of tactic game we know. I have created this overhaul modification since I wasn't very satisfied with the original scenario based game play. I felt that the original game was getting kinda slow and boring as each scenario was often won after the first few engagements and than the rest was just a long mop up of the remaining beaten enemy forces. Also I understood that the game had a very complicated and not straightforward learning curve which scared away new players, to my misfortune.

So I made this new complete overhaul to the game with the aim of speeding up and simplifying the game play while also adding variety to each battle with the addition of the new Flag point and Doctrine system I made. Being an ex CoH player I took a lot of inspiration from that game's design. Bear in mind that all the rules of the original game are still in effect, this game system only changes the way battles are played out by changing the scenario system. So units are still carrying out orders simultaneously and roll fortitude tests etc, etc...

Here is the PDF file containing the rules for the new game system:

Just click on the grey "Download This File" file button. I don't know any other way I can share it with you guys.

I have sent an E-mail with the contents you see here to the official E-mail address of Zvezda. I was hoping they might take this new game system and add it to the game like they added Richard Borge's card system in samurai battles. But they didn't answer me. Please tell me what you think.

Thank you.


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