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REPORT about the game scenario "Halfayya. Operation" Battle

2 года 11 мес. назад#47587от Gerry
Gerry создал эту тему: REPORT about the game scenario "Halfayya. Operation" Battle
We present you a report on the game "Halfaya." Operation Battle Axe " - <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="/art-of-tactic.com/ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2841">viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2841</a><!-- l -->. Translation using Google :D .

British commanders did not give up hope relieve Tobruk, so it collected a striking force in Egypt, near the aisle Halfayya. The location of this strike group we'll see on the proposed photo. Plans assumed command of the British attack on two fronts: first - through the passage Halfayya and further progress Radotta Capuzzo and Musaid, the second - along the coast to Es Salloum.
Command of the Wehrmacht, and primarily Erwin Rommel, of course, imagine what the British offensive in this direction, so units of the 15th Panzer Division prepared and took up positions to defend the pass. The truth of the units they were forced to leave as a garrison in the nearby settlements.

1 stroke.
German troops saw on the horizon dust pillars raised by the approaching enemy, began to move to a more comfortable position. But this movement is not been overlooked by the British. And now the 25-pounder howitzers opened heavy fire (fire suppression) on the positions of the German anti-aircraft gunners and anti-tank battery. Their fire was truly terrible: and anti-aircraft battery and anti suffered heavy losses - two-thirds of broken shells. Two tank platoons Wehrmacht, however, took a pre-prepared trenches. Part of the German units left in the ambush.

2 stroke.
British howitzer battery suffered a fire on the following battery PTO Wehrmacht - the result is the same - two-thirds of the German gunners destroyed, but the morale of remaining still high. British tank battalions begin to probe the German defenses - their individual tanks are trying to get as close to defensive positions of the 15th Panzer Division. And although the Germans met such movements fire, powerful armor British tanks can feel their tankers in relative safety.
Luftwaffe sent its fighters to carry out aerial reconnaissance advancing British troops. Apparently this was done to restore bombers on purpose?

3 course
God of War - artillery, in this case - a British artillery continued to administer his court. British howitzer again covered the square, which was a German battery VET and anti-aircraft gunners. The result is deplorable for the Wehrmacht - both batteries completely destroyed. This is the first losses of the German parts, but not the last. British infantry, on which circled "Messershmity" random start firing at the planes, and, as they say in such cases, "the British are always lucky" - one of the aircraft had stopped. Taking off on patrol unit "Hurricane" to finish with the second "Messer".
Feeling military success, the British command moved to the position of the Germans their tanks. Luck is not something that has turned against the British, but buried in the sand "Panzers" Germans could fire his little cool their ardor. In the first platoon "Matilda" one-third of the tanks were destroyed.
Squadron 87 and Ju-Ju-88 managed to get the coordinates for the attack on their fighters and took off from the airfield.

4 stroke.
British howitzer battery completed the their work, destroying the battery and a second anti-German. Now part of the Wehrmacht were without artillery support. But Rommel's tanks have! And finally luck smiles "Panzer" - a platoon of "Matilda" is in the wilderness, chadyaschie the sky thick clouds of black, acrid smoke. Broke into Halfayyu British Marines suppressed accurate fire their counterparts, to take a position on the heights to the west of the village. Another British infantry company was ambushed much further south, and in the open desert terrain they had no chance to survive. This German mortar hit zero in the square. British command a little discouraged, but not the pilots "Hurricane", which intercepted link Ju-88 bombers and did not leave any chance aces Goering. The battle turns into a smaller tactical skirmishes throughout the line of contact between opponents. Who would win?

5 move.
Asa of 73 Squadron RAF simply irresistible - they sat on the tail Ju-87 that was turned to the base, but now they have to fend off "Hurricane". While successfully.
German tanks occupied still fortunate position. Despite the British harassing fire howitzers, they are still quite successfully deter attacks "Matilda" and "Cruiser". Particularly distinguished platoon T-IV, who was able to bring their fire a third part of the "cruiser" 5th Platoon, dare to approach their positions.
In Halfayi opponents exchanged fire strikes. It is difficult to talk about someone until any advantage.
On the right flank platoon of "Matilda" of the 7th Royal Tank Regiment went along the coast to the south-eastern outskirts of Es Shallum. Here he was stopped without any loss by fire for themselves ambushed platoon T-III. Yes, guns are rather weak against the powerful German tank armor "Matilda"!

6 course.
Still stubborn British pilots succeeded. Already had to turn to the base (pump fuel), and then their leader, Brian Carter, randomly fired already go to the West "pieces" for the rest of ammunition. Sometimes military luck! Engine Ju-87 zachihal, coughed and stopped, and as the plane was flying low to the ground, the pilot was unable to bail out, and he collapsed with the car in the dry sand of the African desert.
On the left flank of the British armored continuing skirmishes with no luck for any of the parties.
German mortar are accurate fire on the British infantry units - their two companies suppressed and suffered losses.
An interesting situation on the right flank of the British offensive. Platoon of "Matilda", the Germans suddenly opened fire at the flank took the fortified positions at the height of a tank platoon T-III. Their fire was very accurate - of the nine sent to the board of German tanks shells seven were right on target. "Panzers" flared. Seeing the death of his "kameradov" their colleagues from the 1st platoon fired back at "Matilda", more infantry company attacked the British tanks. However, only what they have achieved - is morally suppress tank-shell-shocked Britons, with 75% losing infantry company. On the battlefield, getting hot, literally and figuratively. The air temperature in the area of ​​combat 95 degrees Fahrenheit (or 35 degrees Celsius).

7 move.
8th Company of the 115th Infantry Regiment, together with the mortar could destroy occupied Halfayyu Indians was one of the companies of the 5th Brigade. However, they themselves were attacked "Cruiser" and so far only a miracle not completely broken.
On the right wing struck up a hot melee German infantry, supported by tanks and a platoon of British "Matilda." One of the German infantry companies will remain lying on the outskirts of Es Salloum.
Skirmishes continued in the south.
Column "Opel", unloaded ammunition for the southern part of the group, has moved north. Probably for the same purpose?

8 course.
On the right flank platoon of "Matilda" while successfully fighting off the infantry and tanks of the Wehrmacht.
In the center of the pass under the control of the British, but they do not want to (or can not) build on this success.
On the left there was a change at the forefront of a tank platoon. In the rear of the left platoon T-IV, spent ammunition. It was replaced by a platoon of T-III.
Machine-gun platoon of Es Shallum fired anti-tank battery Britons, causing her loss.

9 course.
Quite unexpectedly, to command the 15th Panzer Division on the right flank of the defense (left wing British offensive) if there was not a disaster, the breakdown. Jointly by two platoons of British tanks broke just arrived on this site platoon Pz-III.
This is partly offset by the fact that two mortar batteries Germans were able to suppress the same two Indian infantry company, thus suspend transfer of part of the British Infantry at the line of contact.
On the left flank of the German machine-gun platoon was able to complete the destruction of the battery PTO Britain. There did not subside melee "Matilda" with superior enemy forces.

10 course.
Fire tank guns destroyed two mortar batteries Wehrmacht. Narrowly escaped destruction column "Opel". After losing two of six cars, she was able to escape from the fire of the bag (passed the test for resistance). As a result, the center and the southern section of the front is completely under the control of the British Army. But not so on the right flank, where, despite the heroic actions, the platoon "Matilda" is still dead. Moreover, the machine gunners from Es Shallum shifting their fire on the British infantry suppressed, finished off her.
In Capuzzo for repair and replenishment of ammunition platoon arrived with advanced T-IV.
Concern setbacks at the front, the German command decided to send here the 5th Panzer Division. In Musaid had the first armored column of the 5th Light Panzer division.

11 course.
The first column of the 5th Panzer division, passing Capuzzo, moving along the road to Halfayyu. In general Capuzzo overnight turned into a center of German troops into a major trans-shipment and repair facilities.
In the south, continuing skirmishes between infantry units of the Wehrmacht and the UK. British tank units do not interfere in these skirmishes - apparently experiencing a shortage of ammunition. This can be a serious drawback of the British army, as, apparently, is preparing to repel the Wehrmacht lost positions using tanks 5th Division.
However, until the British seized the initiative and in the north, killing here last German tanks. German infantry forced to begin a withdrawal in Es-Salloum.

12 course.
Continuing skirmishes in the south.
In the north, a platoon of armored cars Daimler MK-1 "Dingo" staff of the 4th Armoured Brigade again went on the approaches to the Es-Salloum. Now there is no German tanks. Get something from the British?
In the center of the British increased their tank platoon grouping "Cruiser".
Armored column Wehrmacht continues to move to the passage Halfayya.
In the rear areas of the German army took off to patrol the link "Hurricane". However, having a complete air superiority, for British pilots importantly - it put things on purpose soy aviation and artillery. The German command, realizing this, decided to disperse their tanks, including the second armored columns, which changed the route. Tanks second column did not go on the road and through the desert, a shorter route to the area of ​​Es Shallum.
In the haze on the horizon British bombers "Blenheim". The purpose of their possible bombing is not yet clear.

13 course.
Aviazveno "Blenheims" brought down their bombs on the platoon of tanks T-IV and T-II from the first column of the 5th Panzer Division. Bombing was accurate enough - both platoon lost 2/3 of, but went on their way (successfully passed tests for resistance). Lossless should razvedvzvod in armored cars and came out of the ambush squad T-III, which, using a dead zone out on a fairly favorable position to attack.
The second tank column 5th Division, deployed in battle order, moving towards Es Salloum. How should they not be late. A platoon of armored vehicles "Dingo" has swept one of the Wehrmacht infantry companies defending Es Salloum.

14 course
What a concept trying to meet the troops of the Wehrmacht? Now it became clear - attack two tank wedges. The task for one, let's call it "southern" break through the passage Halfayya through defensive orders of British tanks, and then a sharp turn to the north and the seizure already locality Halfayya. Second Panzer wedge, "northern", causing secondary attack near Es Shallum, trying to divert part of the British forces from the main attack, performed "southern" wedge.
Began the execution of this plan very well for the Wehrmacht. Caught in the dead zone of British tanks, Panzers "southern" wedge, to avoid unnecessary losses now, broke through the passage and came to the immediate approaches to Halfaye. At the same time, on the way, they managed to destroy one company of British infantry and partially destroyed, suppress even the second.
Successfully operates and "northern" wedge - he went to the Es-Salloum and picked ticks platoon of British armored cars "Dingo". Does the command of the British army relinquished control thread?

15 course
As shown by the course of events, the British command not only keep the thread of command and control in their hands, but also prepare traps for "southern" armored columns of the Wehrmacht.
Two platoons of German tanks, Pz-III and Pz-IV, got on amazingly accurate (probably British artillery spotter did a good job) fire 25-inch howitzers. All Pz-IV were immediately destroyed, and crews Pz-III, losing two-thirds of panicked and, ultimately, were finished off an attack in flank platoon "Cruiser". Follow tanks platoon of armored cars on the other flank was literally shot as an in-dash, platoons of infantry and British cruiser tanks. Yes I Do! It was a complete rout! Despite the fact that the direction of the auxiliary light tanks the Germans easily (pardon the pun) dealt with a platoon of "Dingo", it solved nothing. The battlefield is left for the British army. Another thing - whether the British perform the task of unblocking of Tobruk? After all, they have very little ammunition, and they have suffered considerable losses. Probably - no. But that's another story. The game is stopped.
The results:
Wehrmacht retained substantially all the settlements - 120 points + 147 units for the destruction of Britain. Total 247 points.
Britain captured Halfayyu -10 points + 415 points for the destruction of a detachment of the Wehrmacht. Total 425 points.
Account 425 - 247 in favor of Britain.
A game without interruption of preparation and lasted 2.5 hours.

All successful games.

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