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REPORT "The Battle of Britain. The raid on Portsmouth"

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Gerry создал эту тему: REPORT "The Battle of Britain. The raid on Portsmouth"
about the game scenario
"The Battle of Britain. The raid on Portsmouth"

... The bombing of Britain continued. In the area of Cherbourg formed a group of high-altitude bombers of the Luftwaffe Ju-88 squadron of "Edelweiss", accompanied by a squadron of fighter JG27, led by Captain Hans-Joachim Marseille. Soon they were joined by dive bombers Ju-87, under the guise of the Me-109 squadron of "Ace of spades", led by Major Kurt Brandl. What problems have they got?
Here they are:
1) The two links "Pieces" was necessary to attack the heavy anti-aircraft battery in Gosport and destroy it;
2) another link Ju-87 were ordered to attack the northern neighborhoods of Portsmouth;
3) 1st link Ju-88 attack place appointed western and south-western districts of Portsmouth;
4) 2nd link Ju-88 was to bomb the south-eastern districts of Portsmouth;
5) third link Ju-88 was obliged to attack the eastern and southern neighborhoods of Portsmouth.
As we can see, the main goal of the first wave of German bombers appointed Portsmouth. A secondary goal of Gosport. The population of points along the south coast of the UK, this time, were outside the attention of the Luftwaffe.
What contrasted this armada British command and, above all, the command of the 11th Fighter Group RAF?
In the air were raised aviation units once the four squadrons - 43 th, 145 th, 501 th and 601 th. They began patrolling areas of possible approach of German bombers, which gave them the coordinates with the radar.
But the anti-aircraft batteries, fully unable to prepare to repel the raid, their positions were not masked what was on hand to German pilots.
Closer and closer ... armada Luftwaffe.
Battle begins ...

1 stroke.
As two medieval knight, clad in armor, collided in the air, steel air machine.
Fortunately for the Germans, and unfortunately for the British in the cockpits of "Hurricane" was a young British pilots, many of whom have not yet tried the powder. German aces immediately spun air carousel, leading British fighters away from their bombers. And now, behold, two-level "Hurricane" shot down. It is hoped that their pilots managed to bail out. However, approaching the Gosport unit under the command of Sergeant N (his name to us, unfortunately, unknown), went to the bottom of the English Channel a couple of "Messers". Over Portsmouth dogfight continues.
Part of the German fighter aircraft came under fire from light anti-aircraft batteries, but did not suffer significant losses.
But the heavy anti-aircraft batteries are out of luck. Although correct to say that it's bad luck provoked bad choice position and arrogance of German pilots. Just two heavy anti-aircraft batteries British destroyed. And if the battery is located in Portsmouth, could at least bring down the link "Edelweiss", in Gosport battery 94 mm anti-aircraft guns blown precise and accurate strikes dive bomber Ju-87.
It should be noted, and the loss of two British light anti-aircraft batteries, which were powerless against the 500-pound bombs with "Junkers-88".
In the picture we can see which areas of settlements were hit from the air.

2 stroke.
In this picture we see the mark (red crosses), which are applied by hand British officer defense. They mean the destruction of neighborhoods of the city of Portsmouth. Most residents of the city, of course, are in shelters, but still there are dead. Eternal memory, the innocent victims of the bombing!
Most aircraft of the first wave had already crossed the Strait and landed on the ground in France. However, part of, first of all fighters were again involved with dogfights. Recognized German aces have left British fighters no chance. But the British gunners managed to shoot down a Me-109.

3 course
The last German planes reached the coast of France. It's time to take stock of the first raid on Portsmouth, and they are as follows:
Luftwaffe lost whipped - 5 aircraft (Ju-87 - 2 pcs., Ju-88 - 1 pc .; Me-109 - 3 pcs.), British troops - 4 fighter "Hurricane", 2 heavy and 2 light anti-aircraft battery. Industry in both countries will have to make an effort to make up for these losses. But the mothers of dead soldiers, German and British, to make up their loss will never be possible ....
Bombed Q3 Portland with wooden buildings, another was damaged. Quarters of a stone building suffered one. Who knows what the consequences would have been, if not heroic, we can say the suicide of the British pilots. Perhaps they did not allow the Luftwaffe bombers drop their deadly cargo on Portsmouth more accurately.

4 stroke.
Surviving anti-aircraft batteries in Portsmouth and Gosport finally masked (left in an ambush).
Meanwhile, through the tears of clouds, again showed the aircraft. This is approaching the second wave of German bombers.
Their goals are unchanged, we will update them only:
1) 2nd link Ju-88 bombers squadron I / KG 51 "Edelweiss" ordered bombed at Gosport;
2) 2nd link Ju-88 bombers Squadron II / KG 51 "Edelweiss" must bomb the eastern and north-eastern districts of Portsmouth;
3) 2nd aviation unit Ju-88 bombers Squadron III / KG 51 "Edelweiss", this time aimed at Havant, their goal - the railway station and the eastern and northern outskirts of the city;
4) units of dive bombers Ju-87 from I, II and III squadron StG 77 - specified goals in Portsmouth - railway station, port facilities and the northern districts where already raided, and where, according to German intelligence, is an important aviation factory .
British fighters flew again to patrol the coast.

5 move.
Again, on the approach to settlements German fighters tied British air battle. Results for Brits again appalling - 3 of 4 units were killed in clashes with the Luftwaffe aces. Here's a high price gained experience British pilots. They managed to shoot down one link "Messershmity" and another link to link the fight.
German bombers, not paying attention to their bends and British fighters, quietly went to the goal. The wounds inflicted by the air defense of Portsmouth last raid, will not soon be tightened. Therefore, bombers, virtually unchecked, go to their goals. German scorers accuracy is poor, especially for stone buildings (unsuccessfully outliers on the dice). But the wooden quarters and port facilities in Portsmouth got considerably. We shall see in the next photo. Not without destruction and in Gosport and Havant.

6 course.
With his sharp turn Hans-Joachim Marseille went to the tail to his opponent. Moments later in flames "Hurricane" has fallen into the waters of the English Channel. It was one of the many victories of Marseilles, but very soon among the British fighter aces of his will, which will not allow, in the end, the Germans win the battle of Britain. But it will be later, but not even started "Day of the Eagle."
Another fighter of the Luftwaffe started the game with the British anti-aircraft gunners. Until he successfully manages to evade anti-aircraft shells trails.

7 move.
Captain Marcel landed on the French coast of the English Channel. Plenty enough with British anti-aircraft gunners, and forcing them to spend all their ammunition in vain, his colleague and went to the airport in France.
8 course.
Picture of destruction is always terrible, and only after the aircraft bombing - even more so. In Portsmouth, five blocks, two seriously injured. In Gosport - destroyed two quarters in Havant - two completely destroyed, one part.
As regards, the military losses in the raid of the Luftwaffe lost only one link of the Me-109, while the Royal Air Force lost 4 "Hurricane."
It seems that the Germans have won, but it is a Pyrrhic victory.
the results:
Luftwaffe aircraft could destroy 9 hexes from tank farms, villages, railway stations completely - 130 points and one half + 50 points for the two half-destroyed city hex + 259 points for destroyed enemy troops (aviation and anti-aircraft guns). Total 439 points.
British troops for the undefeated city hexes (under the terms of the script) - 500 points + 164 points for destroyed enemy troops. Total 664 points.
Account 664 - 439 in favor of Britain.
And again, "the Germans" did not carry the bombardment - as happened in real war.
A game without interruption of preparation and lasted 45 minutes.

All successful games.

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