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Report on the game scenario "Kaltvasser. Cold water hot summ

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Gerry создал эту тему: Report on the game scenario "Kaltvasser. Cold water hot summ
Dear, friends! I present to you a report on the game scenario "Kaltvasser. Cold water hot summer." By tradition - translation from Google.

Mountain rangers 4th Mountain Division, in a marching column marched along the dusty road to the highway Lions. They felt conquerors of the world, victory seemed to them very soon.
At the same time, meet them, moving unit 32 Panzer Division of the Red Army, stunned failure of the first days of the war. They wanted to win so let small, but the victory that had settled in his heart the hope that the enemy will be stopped and, sooner or later, destroyed in his lair.
Ways opponents certainly had to cross ...
As usual, we take the microfilm from the archives, taken by German reconnaissance aircraft and try to reconstruct the events of those distant days ...

1 stroke.
Emitted per unit patrolling "Messershmity" immediately noticed clouds of dust from the move towards the winter waters Russian units. And, of course, they noticed that the right wing Russian tanks moving. In another situation, they immediately called to "trick" or told to howitzer artillery, but not now. The situation in this sector has developed so that no bombers, no heavy artillery, was not here. However, they gave all the information to the commander of the 4th Mountain Division, which immediately made the decision - to push forward anti-tank battery and regimental guns. Howled Motors 'Opel' and gunners rushed towards Kaltvassera.

2 stroke.
Divisions mountain rangers come on Kaltvasser the west and south-west. A German gunners already Kaltvassere, look after yourself and the position on the riverbank Zimnavoda. Infantry 8th Motorized Rifle Regiment and a platoon of Red Army T-34 went to the neighborhood winter waters, over which still circling, looking for a victim, a German fighter.

3 course
All divisions of the German gunners are already along the river, some began to deploy. Tightened and mountain rangers.
Soviet Marines from the 2nd company, along with a platoon of T-34, on the run, under the cover of mortar battery, captured the tactically important bridge over the river Winter Water. Of course, this will complicate the Germans crossing of the river, the more that they have departed from the rules adopted in the Wehrmacht attack on two fronts. Not a detachment of German troops in the area of Ore no. But there is a railway bridge .... But, not seen by anyone came to this bridge platoon of light tanks of the Red Army T-26. Another platoon of T-26 entered the northern neighborhoods winter waters, together with infantry advancing from the south of the 3rd company.

4 stroke.
Like bottleneck, accumulated at the road bridge huntsman. Exchange started with units of the Red Army. More experienced mountain rangers were able to destroy their fire 2nd rifle company of the Red Army and crush machine gun platoon on the eastern shore Zimnavody. Bombardment by Soviet tanks artillery batteries not so successful, but one battery regimental guns Germans suppressed.
In the north, a platoon of T-26 went to the railway station Rudnev, and was surprised to find that the Germans here.
German fighter on the horizon he saw shining point. Maybe he saw the approaching Russian bombers?

5 move.
Yes, it was them - Soviet bombers SB. Look German ace fighter fell on the dashboard, and he angrily realized that it was not his prey. Gasoline tanks fighter was running out, and any delay threatens that the plane did not make it to their airfield. He radioed his wingman about it, and they turned to the west.
Rare luck for the Soviet troops in the beginning of the war - support aircraft. But here there was just this case. Seeing the accumulation of German troops in Kaltvassere Soviet pilots sent their car is there. The result of the bombing - destroyed two convoys, machine-gun platoon of rangers, 8 th company mountain rangers have only the fifth part. Nevertheless, Kaltvasser remained under the control of the Germans. Moreover, the Germans managed to destroy 5th Red Army rifle company that was trying to get out a march in the northern outskirts of the Winter Water, for further movement to the ore.
  16th mountain-chasseur squadron attacked on a bridge platoon tridtsatchetverok. The bridge is very necessary for a further offensive the Germans!
T-26, in the ore, the order came: "Attack the German units in Kaltvassere, the flank."

6 course.
Attack from ore T-26 suffered heavy losses - two-thirds of the tanks were hit mountain rangers with grenades and overhead charges. The battle between them continues.
But the fire of the second platoon of T-26, on the 8th company of mountain rangers, put the points on their march to the east - the whole company perished.
However, the concentrated fire of two companies of rangers and two mortar batteries, machine-gun platoon eliminated the Red Army on the east bank of the river Zimnavoda, but to cross the river the Germans did not succeed. On the bridge, the battle continues between the German and Russian tank crews rangers.

7 course.
Fight Platoon T-34 with the 3rd company of mountain rangers moved from the bridge to the west bank of the river.
In the northern outskirts of the confrontation Kaltvassera lung Soviet tanks T-26 and 7th company of mountain rangers - so far without success for one of the parties.
Railway bridge near Ore came under the control of the 19th Red Army rifle company.
In general, the dynamics of the battle lost, and of the troops, and on the other hand start to run out of steam. That turn the tide of battle?

8 turn.
Thirty tankers able to machine gun fire to suppress the resistance of the 3rd company of mountain rangers, but it cost them a loss rate of advance - lost precious time (three turns), and they are back to attack the bridge. This could have serious consequences, as the opposite of the bridge turned antitank battery Germans.
The 19th Red Army rifle company entered in the ore from the train station.
Continue the fight on short distances tanks T-26 and 7th Company rangers. Huntsmen trembled affected courage Soviet tank and it seems that they are preparing to retreat.

9 course.
In the sky reappeared German fighters. They patrol the airspace over the battlefield, as the unchallenged masters of the air.
Joint fire platoon of T-34 and mortar batteries, cover the battery anti rangers destroyed, and the gunners were left alone with tanks, armor, which at long range, they were never able to break through.
Hard ordered the German headquarters - "Stand up to the end!" - Has led to a sense of 7th Mining and Jaeger company, and they continued the fierce struggle with the Soviet T-26 tanks.
In ore, 19 Red Army rifle company organized the ambush at the railway station, and is ready to meet any opponent.

10 course.
And at close range the German 37 mm gun could not penetrate the armor of the T-34. Thirty hit in the joint defense anti-tank battery and mountain rangers in Kaltvassere, split the defensive orders Wehrmacht and advanced in the rear 91-mountain-Jaeger Regiment. Than it threatens the Germans? First, defeat rears, secondly, to the rear of the attackers hit parts of the Wehrmacht, and thirdly, to surround the mountain rangers, and finally, the fourth, the capture Konopnica that can stop the advance of the Germans for a few days.
By order of the commander of the 32nd Panzer Division, a platoon of T-26 went out of direct contact with the 7th company of rangers, which gives him some room in the choice of future action.

11 course.
Platoon T-26 came out of the melee, with an average distance opened fire on the enemy and destroy his 7th company of 91-mountain-Jaeger Regiment. The intention of the Soviet command has fully justified itself.
Platoon T-34 even deeper wedge into the rear of mountain rangers, not meeting on the way no resistance.
Successful operations of tankers, in some degree turned the head of the commanders of the Red Army, and they sent a link of the bombers to destroy the enemy to break into Kaltvasser. It was a fateful decision.

12 course.
Yes, the flight of bombers SB was premature (error commanders of the Red Army in the calculation of time patrolling German fighters) and ended tragically. Having no fighter cover, heavy machinery, loaded to capacity with bombs, slowly sailed into the blue sky. Experienced German pilots saw a tempting target, were not slow to replenish their accounts of combat aircraft shot down. How bitter was the Soviet soldiers, watching from the ground, destroying unpunished Chervonozorianyi bombers ...
Watch this and the huntsman, entrenched in Kaltvassere, and did not notice that their attacks from the rear platoon of T-34. At the same time, across the river from Zimnavoda, in unison, in revenge for the death of their comrades-pilots fired rifle company and the headquarters of the 8th Motorized Rifle Regiment. Taken by surprise, mountain rangers suppressed.

13 course.
German troops, with quantitative advantage, seized the initiative. Mountain rangers, to understand what they face capture Russian Ore, attacked him in a rifle company of the Red Army. Melee fighting is all over the station.
Antitank battery Wehrmacht and rifle company, located in Winter Water, in a shootout loss caused each other. Neither one nor the other, did not help finding their closest staff - morale undermined: the Germans - from unprecedented resistance, which they have not seen either in Poland or France; in Russian - from the inability to stop the German war machine. If they knew that at this time the platoon T-34 at full speed goes Konopnica, they would be very happy, because It was the first successful attack our troops.

14 course.
Roaring engines Thirty included in Konopnica winners.
Fighting continues in the ore. On these battles are never reported Sovinformburo not write about them in the newspapers ...
Division 91-mountain-Jaeger Regiment began to cross to the east bank of the river. The first is made mortar, followed them to the bridge came division headquarters.

15 course.
Tanks stopped at a small village square Konopnica. Opened the hatches and stained in black oil tankers, tired but happy congratulating each other successfully. The commander did not stop them, though he knew that they would have to make its way back to his foot and hiding the forest, because fuel tanks have ended. But while they enjoy their small victory.
The same small victory is celebrated, and the soldiers of the 19th infantry company of the Red Army - they managed to knock out of the Ore mountain rangers. And, while the remaining half of them, they now believe that to survive and more wins.
River crossing units mountain rangers stopped in winter waters - they have not been able to capture it in a designated command term.

Soviet troops managed to capture one hex in ore and one hex in Konopnica - 200 points, did not allow the Germans to seize the Winter Water (2 of 3 hexes) - 100 points + 172 points for destroyed enemy troops. Total 472 points.
German troops occupied Kaltvasser (2 hexes) - 300 points + 89 points for destroyed enemy troops. Total 389 points.
Account 472 - 389 in favor of the Red Army.
A game without interruption of preparation and lasted approximately 2.5 hours.

All successful games.

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