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REPORT "The battle for Stalingrad. Crossing the life of Red

3 года 3 мес. назад#47359от Gerry
Gerry создал эту тему: REPORT "The battle for Stalingrad. Crossing the life of Red
Game scenario
"The battle for Stalingrad. Crossing the life of Red Sloboda" http://art-of-tactic.com/ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=6
Translated by Google

Parts of the 295th Infantry Divisions and 71- Wehrmacht stormed the central districts of Stalingrad, seized the railway station. Their eyes appeared a smoking ruins of the city (before the game was made "bombing" - test failure). While he opposed the division only the 1st Battalion, 42nd Infantry Regiment of the Guards. The remaining part of the 13th Guards Rifle Division were preparing for the crossing, which covers anti-aircraft batteries 1083rd antiaircraft artillery regiment, located on the Volga islands, including the big - the hungry. Volga Flotilla boats were to take on board not only the Marines in Krasnaya Sloboda, but also to the south - in the sleeve Volozhka-Partridge.

1 stroke.
German infantry units, spread over the quarters of Stalingrad, as gray tentacles (at the end of the course they control 15 hexes of the city). Direct confrontations, yet did not happen, and the losses, yet no one has been. Largely due to the fact that the artillery units of both sides have just started deploying. Two armored unit without taking on board the paratroopers took to the wide expanse of the Volga.

2 stroke.
Artillery still silent. But, suddenly Germans started talking "Katyusha", 4th Guards managers boats (only six). Their fire destroyed a German engineer company who are willing to undertake mining banks of the Volga.
Nevertheless, part of the Wehrmacht continue to grab quarter after quarter. They captured and tank farms from whose territory offers a beautiful view of the great Russian river. And on this river, almost opposite the tank farm, full steam goes to the shore boats link the Volga Flotilla.

3 course
The artillery of both sides at the same time has been deployed, but the artillery duel did not happen, and here's why. Deprived of air reconnaissance, German artillery was not able to fire at the piled up on the eastern shore of the Red Army units. On the contrary, howitzers Soviet troops were imposed on the parts of the goals of the 1st Guards Battalion of the 42nd regiment of the Guards, and so precisely that their devastating fire literally swept off the face of the earth, both German howitzer battery. Moreover initiative supported by Soviet artillery Navy - volley rocket launchers broken only platoon of German tanks.
In turn, the Germans destroyed the headquarters and an infantry company of the advanced detachment of the 13th Guards Division in Stalingrad.
Trying aviazvena dive bombers Ju-87 out of the game Guards link launches ended in tears for him - to bring down one "thing." This is to insure their comrades aircraft gunners, the battery which is located on the island of Hungry.
On the shore of a small island, opposite the Red Sloboda landed two mortar batteries of the Red Army.

4 stroke.
The ferry, ferry - left coast, coast right ...
Fire anti-aircraft guns finished off with boats and second dive bomber of the vaunted German squadron "Immelman" - he settled down on the bottom of Russian River. True Soviet troops suffered greatly from plaque aviazvena Ju-88. Although anti-aircraft gunners shot down one aircraft, German pilots managed to sink boats link with be on board the officers and men of the 39th regiment of the Guards, and behind them, and very anti-aircraft battery.
In the city of German infantrymen trying to lose in the vanguard of the Volga Rodimtsev guardsmen. They literally surrounded them on all sides, only the fighters back covers Mother Volga.

5 move.
Expanding their mortars towards the west bank, the Soviet mortar, on a tip from the 1st Battalion, located in Stalingrad, covered their comrades from the pursuing Germans. At the same time they were able to suppress the two infantry companies. However, this particular success, failed, and could not lead to the fulfillment of the main tasks of the Guards - cross in Stalingrad and drive the Germans out of the city center. Any organized the crossing is not observed.
Thinning the ranks of German bombers boarded the airfield in the desert, west of Stalingrad.
Mortar and machine-gun unit 516 Infantry Regiment replaced the firing positions and included in the previously captured quarters.

6 course.
Heavies 1st Battalion, 42nd Guards fire at point-blank put a German infantry company in the seaside quarter of Stalingrad, which was never able to recover from the mortar fire.
Soviet units defending Stalingrad, got a brief respite, as German machine gunners and mortar to deploy.
Two rifle companies of the 39th Guards boarded the boat Volga Flotilla berths Krasnaya Sloboda.

7 course.
The Germans were not abandoned their attempts to get out to the Volga in the central area. They recaptured one of the coastal districts of Stalingrad, trying to squeeze tighter ring around protecting this area fighters guardsmen.
Another company of guardsmen Rodimtsev plunged into the boat in the channel Volozhka-Partridge.

8 turn.
The machine-gunners of the 1st Battalion, with the support of the fire with armored newly cleared coastal quarter of Wehrmacht. Another German company has found his grave on the banks of the Volga.
Boats Volga Flotilla rearranged.
Militant activity in other parts of Stalingrad markedly decreased. The German part of their home in the occupied regions, equip the defensive.

9 course.
Another company of German infantry, when trying to capture the coastal district, is suppressed. These ruins are already costly German fascist invaders.
On the horizon again showed the bombers of the Luftwaffe. Volga Flotilla boats went under cover of anti-aircraft batteries 1083rd antiaircraft artillery regiment.

10 course
However, the Luftwaffe bombing inflicted not by Soviet boats, and on the 1st Battalion of the 42nd Regiment, in the hope of destroying them until the main parts of the Russian guards. However, despite their losses, stunned and emotionally repressed Stalingrad defenders have left their borders.

11 course.
Rained down on the position of the first battalion of heavy fire mortar batteries Wehrmacht were also able to destroy a rifle company of the 1st Guards Battalion.
Help 1st Battalion finally directed - to the beach, near the Central district, boats approached link with manpower.
When processing of the German aerial reconnaissance aircraft frame, this moment was marred by accident when film development at the headquarters of the German troops.

12 course.
Under the cover of armored 2nd company of the 42nd Guards Regiment landed on the bank of the Volga, which is literally seething with mine explosions and shells.
How would now come in handy one-another volley of howitzers, but alas there is no order to it.

13 course.
2nd company on the move takes one of the coastal city blocks. It could not prevent even intensified bombardment by the German positions.

14 course.
But here, in the continual mortar fire joined the fire of machine guns and submachine guns from the city block at the tank farm. And although the 2nd company suffered no losses, but pressed the crossfire to the ground, she could not budge (suppressed).
To fend off this fire, two-level military boats took in "boxes" quarters of a tank farm. Will it help?

15 course.
Yes it helped, especially because suddenly the Germans in the area of ​​oil depot began landing the 5th Company of the 39th Guards. The fire from the tank farm has stopped, allowing the men of the 2nd company to recover.
However, the German command leaves no hope to lose a Russian Volga. It once again directs aircraft, with the task - to obliterate the defenders of Stalingrad land.

16 course
Again kick fascist aviation aimed at the central district. Under the rubble died heroic machine gun platoon of guards. Thank defenders of Stalingrad!
Nevertheless, the roar of exploding bombs, more and more boats approach the banks of the Volga, and on the northern edge of the tank farm of 5-th company managed to get very close to the German positions.

17 course
The central pier landed 7th company of the 39th Regiment. Their landing competently covered flanks Volga military boats.
On the northern edge of the tank farm suffered losses 5th rifle company, which suddenly came to the command post 516 th Infantry Regiment of the Wehrmacht. As a result of fire contact guardsmen lay almost in the open countryside.

18 course
The central pier began landing 8th Company, and to the north of the 9 rota 39th Guards. Need I remind you that all this occurred under heavy fire from German positions.
Guardsmen 5th company saved from total destruction Volga sailors. His accurate fire they destroyed German headquarters.
The landing in different places banks of the Volga could confuse grated German fighters. The banks of the river, has long been divided into sectors of fire. Hence the panic in the ranks of the German regiments are observed. Probably only the heroism and courage of the guards could turn the tide in favor of the Soviet troops.

19 course
German units at the front where the landing is not made. Conduct passive defense, and in secret already dreaming about the awards winners and leave his native Fatherland. If they knew what really awaits them ...
Meanwhile. In the center of the landing continues guards try to go grab a new urban neighborhoods. Completely died 9th Guards rota and not getting to the saving of the ruins.

20 course
The last frame of the decoded aerial told us about it: in the area of ​​oil depot 5th Guards squadron, despite the dagger fire the Germans invaded the northern part; two companies took place their dead comrades in the central area.

The Germans did not manage to knock out the guards from the banks of the Volga River, as well as the troops of the Red Army was unable to release blocks of Stalingrad from invaders. Everything else was to come ...
Soviet troops managed to smuggle five units to the right bank - 250 points + 400 points for controlled quarters Stalingrad + 233 points for destroyed enemy troops. Total 883 points.
German troops occupied without much hassle 15 hexes of the city - 750 points + 100 points for the destroyed boat + 184 points for destroyed enemy troops. Total 1048 points.
Account 1048 - 883 in favor of the Wehrmacht. While ...
A game without interruption of preparation and lasted about 4 hours.

All successful games.

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3 года 3 мес. назад#47360от JonDee
JonDee ответил в теме Re: REPORT "The battle for Stalingrad. Crossing the life of
Excellent -- Stalingrad, the infamous cauldron and the most fearsome of the Eastern Front battlefields! I've been looking forward to when Art of Tactic reaches that point in the war, but here is a scenario that captures the setting very well with the available components.

I think a major turning point in the battle was the loss of the German artillery on turn 3. If everything else had gone the same, I think that additional support would have resulted in a larger and easier German victory.

I like the way the boats scurried for cover under the anti-aircraft guns on the turn when the Stukas were about to re-enter the game. But the German player still had a perfectly good target on his own shore; on a map this big the Stukas will always have something to hit. Interesting dynamics there.

I also chuckled at the missing picture "due to errors developing developing the reconnaissance film at German HQ". Heh, heh.

Once again, brilliant use of the Armada Invincible boards and the Soviet patrol boat models. A truly epic and tense battle with lots of potential. I'd love to try this myself, but I don't have a way to translate text within a PDF. Someday...

Thanks for posting this report.

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3 года 3 мес. назад#47361от Gerry
Gerry ответил в теме Re: REPORT "The battle for Stalingrad. Crossing the life of

JonDee пишет: Thanks for posting this report.

Very glad you liked it. I can send a file in Word format. It can be translated in Google. ;) Provide your e-mail.

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3 года 1 мес. назад#47506от Kirill180
Kirill180 ответил в теме Re: REPORT "The battle for Stalingrad. Crossing the life of
Cool game and a really magnificent map!

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