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Report on the game scenario "Defense of Odessa. The landing

3 года 3 мес. назад#47332от Gerry
Gerry создал эту тему: Report on the game scenario "Defense of Odessa. The landing
Dear friends!
With the help of Google spread a report about the game scenario, "the defense of Odessa. The landing at Grigor'evka" http://art-of-tactic.com/ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2783.
This is a game we won back not with script writer :), and my youngest daughter. Nevertheless games and turned sharp and vibrant. So the report:

Romanian command of his troops between the two estuaries, leaving only troops on the flanks of the cover - on the right flank of 6 orders, left only two. Perhaps this is justified, especially since there was a possibility of flooding at the fords Adzhalyk estuary (we tried a new special provision for this scenario - if the wind is blowing toward the coast fords on Adzhalyk estuary flooded in the estuary boats can go to the Grand Hryhorivsky Estuary it does not matter, in any wind it can enter the boat). Romanian artillery occupied the following positions: howitzer battery is located on the rear positions in Shitsli battery regimental guns opposite maximally pushed forward - it is located in New Dofinovke. As for infantry units, they took up positions convenient in terms of employment ambush. In addition, along the shore of the Romanian installed minefields (in terms of the script, by throwing dice fell that this is one minefield).
Preparing for landing detachment Black Sea fleet - boats with moryakami- went to southeast direction - from Sevastopol ...

1 stroke.
Path links Soviet boats complicated by the wind, which was blowing from the coast (wind direction is determined after giving orders on the first turn - the wind dropped from the shore and on the rules of "Stars" and the scenario in boat speed reduced by 1 hex). Reach shore needed as soon as possible, so that the enemy did not have time to organize a strong defense of the coast.
Meanwhile, a company of paratroopers landing safely performed in the village Shitsli. Do not hurry the Soviet command? Will hold paratroopers until the main forces amphibious assault?
Meanwhile, in the air spinning carousel of air combat. By accident, sent to patrol the Romanian and Soviet fighters were at one point in the same time. Luck was on the side of the Romanian pilots - all the planes were shot down by a Soviet aviazvena ...
The Romanian side took up defensive positions, with the majority went to the ambush. Is Romania became aware of a naval landing? Begin Deployment Romanian artillery, mortar batteries and machine gunners.

2 stroke.
Halichondriidae boats, moving out of the sight of the enemy shore batteries, holds its course to the west, although it seems that the shortest route - to the north.
Another part of the Romanian units occupied a comfortable position for an ambush. Meanwhile, over their heads in the sky, dramatic events occur. Lain in the opposite direction bombers TB-3 (in the game Li-2), was attacked by the Romanian fighter that disposing of Air Force fighters saw in the sky easy prey. The first attack of the Romanians and two of the four planes aviazvena TB-3, leaving a sky thick black smoke began their final journey to the land ...
The drama takes place on the ground. Soviet paratroopers tried to attack the German headquarters, lodge in Old Dofinovke - unsuccessfully. At a company of paratroopers in response barrage of fire - just five teams Romanians opened fire suppression. And although the accuracy of the Romanians was not very good anyway shelter from the hail of bullets had no chance. Glory to the Soviet paratroopers who died for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!

3 course
The fate of the Soviet TB-3 sealed. Escape from the fire of the Romanian "Hurricane" there is no way. Results for air assault, organized by the Soviet command disappointing ... The squadron boats with a naval landing on board continues its way to the west.

4 stroke.
Is still out of sight of the Romanian Black Sea Fleet Observer boat go west. Romanian artillery batteries in readiness to meet any threat from the sea.

5 move.
Suddenly (for Romanians course) two-level boats abruptly change course and turn to the north, apparently the captain decided to divide the root detachment, avoiding the accumulation of ships. The second part of the detachment moved further west.
Once the two squadron of Soviet assault changed course, they immediately got into a zone of visibility of the Romanian observers Staff, who was in Chebanka. General Reaction Chuperke was instant - a battery of howitzers in Shitsli, phone ordered - to open fire on the square of E, and he sought the help of the German dive bombers of the Luftwaffe Command.
Directed by New Dofinovke reserve, in the form of an infantry company and between Chebanka Grigorievka, blown up by mines and their losing quarter ended stopped and took up defensive positions directly in a minefield.

6 course.
Unfortunately documentary photographs of the shelling of the 5th unit of the Soviet boats did not survive. Fire this link collapsed so suddenly that the sailors, who were on the boats were not even able to understand what is happening. Direct contact with heavy shells smashed three of the five boats. Those sailors who died immediately, and found himself in the water, were taken on board another vessel with two managers. Of their course greatly slowed, and they became very good target for Romanian gunners. Follow a parallel course unit number 6, realized that he could get into the same situation, a change of course in the south-west, going to join up with the rest of the squadron. The sailors did not know that they have to fight with dive bombers, who are already flying over the sea ...
The main force of the squadron finally turned north. Obviously, their goal will be Dofinivka Estuary.

7 course.
Fire Romanian howitzers completed the black business. The last two ships of the 5th level, overloaded with the dead sailors boats were shot in cold blood Romanian gunners of the 15th Infantry Division. The sea was for the Soviet sailors mass grave.
For the death of their fellow sailors retaliated 6th level - they destroyed aviation unit Ju-87 accurate fire their anti-aircraft guns. Fascist vultures collapsed in black waves of the Black Sea.
Turning to the order of battle boats approaching the shore, on the run from all firing their guns. In addition, the headquarters is on one of the boats of the 2nd level, on the radio called a separate attack aircraft squadrons Air Force's Black Sea Fleet.

8 turn.
All the power of guns boat struck the shore, when they came close to the Grand Adzhalyk estuary. Romanian troops caught in the shooting zone suffered heavy losses - destroyed two infantry companies and a machine gun platoon, who are powerless against armored fire. Substantial assistance rendered and our of attack - broken battery regimental guns, who tried to escape an ambush. And the blow was so precise, so a dot that in the village of New Dofinovka where there was no battery suffered no house, no one well.
Nevertheless, the loss suffered and boats, which continues to fire howitzer battery Romanian.

9 course.
Boat landings continued to fire on the move. Destroyed another Romanian company and this means that even before the landing west bank Dofinivka Estuary almost cleared of Romanian troops. Most boats take a comfortable position for landing, with one unit entered the estuary itself and has the opportunity to move into its depths. Romanian troops until they take action, the more so against armored Black Sea fleet, they can only oppose howitzer battery.
Will the landing now or not?

10 course
The landing has begun! Despite the fire howitzers, which this time did not reach the goal, the sailors jumping from boat into the water and rushed to the shore. Nothing can stop the soldiers in black jackets! Disembark started three of the five units of boats. Two more executives pushed deep into the estuary. Romanian commanders realized what threatens the Russian landing reinforcements immediately transferred to the landing area, including New Dofinovku.

11 course.
However, the Soviet sailors met organized according to the rules of coast defense.
And although after the concentrated fire on boats New Dofinovke Romanians have lost a company of infantry, which occupied a defense, the landing of the first three units of marines turned into a living hell.
First, continue to successfully firing howitzer battery of the Romanian army. She struck on the square south of New Dofinovki where landed 7th squadron Marines from ships 5 - th link. And if you lost one ship unit boats passed the moral test of endurance, the loss of half of the members for the 7th Company was sensitive - sailors depressed and lay directly on the beach in the surf.
Landed west of the sailors went on the attack on New Dofinovku and caught in the crossfire of several units of the Romanian army, being in defense and in ambushes. The whole company were killed by this fire.
9th company of Marines landed west Dofinivka Estuary, also came under fire, was trapped mortar batteries Romanians. Do not expect the density and accuracy of fire sailors suppressed.
Meanwhile, under the roar of gunfire two groups of boats moved along the western shore of the estuary in its depths - the purpose is not entirely clear, but the words of a song can not erase.

12 course.
9th company of Marines, under the cover of fire boats (who managed to suppress a mortar battery), recovered and ready to attack the second mortar battery Romanians.
In the district of New Dofinovki Troopers frustrated. Remains 7th Company and could not leave the surf zone, and all died. Oncoming waves, as if his hands touches his cap black fallen sailors. Glory to the heroes!
Command of the landing operation, meanwhile, has decided to change the place of landing and moved one link of boats along the coast strippers from Romanian invaders.

13 course.
Pursuant to the order of command, two-level boat, having still on board marines rushed out of Dofinivka Estuary. Their path lies along the coast to the new landing site, which for them is not yet known.
Previously-nominated in this direction link launches beginning sweep the coast from the Romanian troops, knocking out two-thirds of the Romanian company dealing with defense of the height 42.9.
Deprived of support boats 9th Rota sailors again suppressed.
Ongoing transfer Romanian howling from the east coast to the west Hryhorivsky Estuary, close to the point of fighting.

14 course.
Again to the rescue sea landing came Black Sea Fleet. This time she brought down his stormtroopers to kick Romanians entrenched in Grigorievka. Effectiveness of impact was small - only one completely destroyed mortar battery. The second mortar battery and headquarters of the Romanian 35th Infantry Regiment was luckier - they lost half its strength, but due to the high resistance remained in their positions, as well as machine-gun platoon, which has not suffered a loss at all.
Armored assault leave Dofinivka Estuary, one of which has already reached the coast at Grigor'evka. Trying to cover up the defenders in Grigorievka infantry fire boats Soviet howitzer battery put a smokescreen on the western outskirts of the village. Will it help? Time will tell.
9th company of Marines, now alone remained on the west bank Dofinivka Estuary, woke up and realizing that there is no place to wait for help, teeth dug into the shore.

15 course.
Links boats moved along the coast, past Chebanka, to the east. And one of the units, namely the 1st Battalion link launches UK fire on the move to destroy the remnants of the Romanian infantry company at the height of 42.9.
Posed Romanian gunners smokescreen clouded the whole coast from Grigor'evka and driven by the wind from the coast, began to creep over the sea. This smoke cuts go ahead, district Grigor'evka, link launches.
In the skies over Grigorievka inflames dogfight. Bombed by the Romanian part of the IL-2 unit, attacked Romanian fighter "Hurricane". The first attack of the Romanian pilots unsuccessful.
9 th company holds!

16 course
Time after time fighter combat air groups Romanian Soviet attack gunships. To no avail - saves powerful armor Soviet "flying tank".
9 th company, although not suffered more casualties again suppressed - many wounded who from one minute to become larger. Lags behind the squadron 1st link boats are not able to help them, because the very suppressed - lost more than half the boats left to get damaged propulsion until they are repaired.
The squadron boats, forced to lie on the right side, to get around the smokescreen and get out on the eastern Grigor'evka.

17 course
Mortar batteries Romanians spent all their ammunition, and found themselves under threat of captivity Soviet sailors. Therefore, on the radio, they called for reinforcements in the form of two infantry companies.
The main events take place off the coast of Grigor'evka. Romanian pilots finally managed to cut the link of Soviet ground attack aircraft and one aircraft to go into a ponytail. The result was not long in coming - IL-2, leaving a cloud of smoke collapsed east Grigorievka. It seems the pilots managed to bail out ...
Romanian army howitzer that expending fragmentation shells, now trying to prevent the sailors only smoke, skirting the Soviet boat which made ​​a sharp turn to the shore. There is a landing?

18 course
2nd link of boats, which was the headquarters, headed by Captain Root, unexpectedly landed between Romanians and Chebanka Grigorievka. Why suddenly? Because Romanians waiting landings east Grigor'evka and all units stationed here in ambushes its arc of fire headed east, not west. The landing took place in front of the Romanian infantry company, the one that got stuck in a minefield, afraid to move.
Romanian fighters were unable to destroy all the links and stormtroopers, expending all the ammunition, ready to leave the battlefield. Soviet pilots had no fighter cover held this dogfight worthy.
Three executives boats focused Grigor'evka east, and one of them came close to the shoreline. Romanians without heavy weapons fire is not yet open.

19 course
Soviet boats opened fire with their anti-aircraft guns on the exiting air combat Romanian "Hurricane", they even managed to shoot down a plane, but the second still escaped from the fire and landed on the airfield for Old Dofinovkoy. Held up to his, and one of the storm troopers of the 1st aviazvena 46th separate Attack Air Squadron Air Force BSF. After landing, it counted more than fifty hits, but the car broke down.
On the west bank Dofinivka Estuary 9 Rota Marines was in dire straits. Its remnants are trying to surround the two Romanian infantry companies. Sailors pinned to the sea.

20 course
Numerical superiority allowed the Romanians to destroy sailors 9 th company, but do not capture what the Romanians strongly expected. Neither sailor not surrendered and banners covered the Black Sea Fleet shame. Glory to the Soviet Black Sea sailors!
Their comrades finally a landing east Grigor'evka bout for which he was yet to come.
Captain Root, with his staff, moved inland and the coast is only the beginning.
In most Grigorievka, fire destroyed the headquarters of the Soviet boats of the 35th Romanian Infantry Regiment, which will undoubtedly affect the management of Romanian troops positioned here, and their morale. But it will then ... Under the scenario of the game is stopped.

According to the results of the game or Romanian or Soviet troops did not fulfill its objective: the Romanians did not prevent the landing and not destroyed, the Soviet troops did not capture any of the village, and winners are determined by the value of the destroyed units.
Account 173 - 150 in favor of the Romanians.
The game, excluding preparation and breaks, lasted about 3.5-4 hours.

All successful games.

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3 года 3 мес. назад#47341от JonDee
JonDee ответил в теме Re: Report on the game scenario "Defense of Odessa. The land
Excellent! Brilliant use of the Armada Invincible sea boards and Soviet patrol boats, I will remember this for the future. Also looks gorgeous! :)

Great report and a decent (but not perfect...) job by Google Translate. I got most of what was happening but Google did mangle some of the details. (Not bad really -- instantaneous translation, even if it's imperfect, is really much more impressive a bit of technology than we sometimes realize. I can almost imagine playing this game with someone in Moscow someday, using our laptops to communicate with each other... more or less.)

Thanks for posting this.

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3 года 3 мес. назад#47347от Gerry
Gerry ответил в теме Re: Report on the game scenario "Defense of Odessa. The land

JonDee пишет: Excellent! Brilliant use of the Armada Invincible sea boards and boats, I will remember this for the future. Also looks gorgeous! :)

Great report and a decent (but not perfect...) job by Google Translate. I got most of what was happening but Google did mangle some of the details. (Not bad really -- instantaneous translation, even if it's imperfect, is really much more impressive a bit of technology than we sometimes realize. I can almost imagine playing this game with someone in Moscow someday, using our laptops to communicate with each other... more or less.)

Thanks for posting this.

Thank you for the kind words!

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