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REPORT on the game scenario "Of Crete. Operation" Merkur "

3 года 4 мес. назад#47282от Gerry
Gerry создал эту тему: REPORT on the game scenario "Of Crete. Operation" Merkur "
I present you the report on the game scenario "of Crete. Operation" Merkur "http://art-of-tactic.com/ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2782].

Shoot the battlefield occurred on the German side, so in the pictures at the bottom of the south and the north at the top.
Translation done Google translator :D
So ...

The command of the British troops, knowing the impending landing operation of the Germans on Crete, accelerated to prepare for defense. Placing its troops in all, without exception, the settlements, the British, had nevertheless established and a number of reference points on the ground, which made it possible, in the future, to arrange an ambush.
German High Command planned the first wave of troops to land west of the river Tavronitis, followed by the task to capture the airfield of Maleme. Minor task for the first wave, the capture of the village Kolimvarion.
For the second wave, the landing of which was planned in the foothills east of the courts, the task was initially to capture the Court.
In the future, the first and the second wave were on a converging path from the west and from the east to attack the town of Chania and grab it.
The landing of the third and fourth wave was to develop the offensive in those areas in which parachutists have maximum success.

1 stroke.
Glimmering dawn. Airfields roaring engines bombers, fighters and transport aircraft. Skydivers get in the car ... Vzvyvayut motors, heavy planes rush across the field, off the ground and heading south ...
The wind was blowing from the sea (wind direction was determined after giving orders on the first move to introduce the element of surprise), but prepared by German paratroopers landed in designated areas without losses, and only one unit drifted 600 m (two hexes) from the intended landing area.
Fortune favored the Germans. Firstly, the British were poorly trained in engineering terms. Only in the area of the runway of the aerodrome was excavated trench. And it's all !!! (On the Test for engineering works just dropped only one trench, no barbed wire and minefields three. But in the bustle of preparation for the game, the player for the British thought of installing them after landing, so under the terms of the script could not have their set). Moreover, the commander of the British anti-aircraft battery, takes a very favorable position at a height of 107, in the terminal area, and lie in ambush made ​​a mistake with the definition of the sector of fire and was not even able to fire transport aircraft from landing. The error was compounded by the fact that just at this height has landed one of the mouth assault Airborne Regiment. Melee ensued with the British anti-aircraft gunners. And despite the fact that the German paratroopers had not suited up weapons from the containers, they managed to destroy one of the guns of the battery. However, the British anti-aircraft gunners were not the timid, the fourth part of the German company was destroyed ... a major success at this stage for the Germans was that they put out of combat aircraft gunners - engaged in melee, they could not firing on transport aircraft landed troops.
Along with the transport aircraft took off and link the German fighters in order to conduct reconnaissance. While she was not very successful.
British troops across the island took preselected place for an ambush. Battle of Crete began ...

2 stroke.
In mainland Greece, ready to fly the second wave of the landing ...
And at this time skydivers landing assault regiment began to outfit the weapon of the containers. One of the companies was fired a company of the 4th New Zealand Infantry Brigade. Not being able to return fire, a company of paratroopers suffered heavy losses - half of its fighters destroyed.
Landed on the anti-aircraft positions paratroopers destroy another anti-aircraft gun. Resistance British gunners begins to weaken, and it seems that they panicked ...
Meanwhile, the only British tank platoon, recalled command to Chania. British commanders seem to realize that planting only one wave Germans did not cost ....
Air reconnaissance and data obtained by radio from the paratroopers, raised in the air squadrons of Ju-87 and Ju-88. The Germans are not afraid of British aviation because it is not there on the island ...

3 move
The second wave of German assault covers Crete. At this time landing performed east of Souda. Lack of flak here allowed the Germans to avoid exposure to air transport and airdrop exercise unhindered. However, the paratroopers landing in the area not so well. Wind blew two companies of paratroopers in the mountains, and half a mouth crashed against the rocks on unsuitable terrain for landing. Surprisingly, here the British behave passively while.
Meanwhile, the fighting on the western shore of Tavronitis become fierce. Caught in the crossfire of two companies of German paratroopers, virtually destroyed a company of New Zealand infantry. Suppressed and one company of German paratroopers. Fierce battle for Hill 107 does not subside - British anti-aircraft gunners kicking a last effort.
Said his first word and bombers of the Luftwaffe. And if the link dive bombers Ju-87 did not cause any loss to a defending platoon named Matilda, the raid Ju-88 bombers on Kolimvarion yielded some results: completely destroyed by anti-tank artillery battery near the town; the town itself is completely destroyed, and find in it the British infantry company suffered heavy losses and mentally depressed. North Kolimvariona suffered losses still a British infantry company, but it proved to be more stable (passed the test for resistance) and continued to occupy a position in the ambush.
Battle for Crete beginning to gain momentum ...

4 stroke.
In the landing area at the Courts German paratroopers began outfit than immediately took advantage of the British garrison of the city, destroying one of the companies of paratroopers.
  At an altitude of 107 German paratroopers broke the resistance of the British anti-aircraft gunners - the only anti-aircraft battery in Crete destroyed.
Despite the fact that the aviation intelligence, held the Luftwaffe, and brought no results, the German troops are increasingly faced with British units, who were forced out of the ambush and counterattack.
Paratroopers of the first wave began active operations - one company attacked the mortar battery, the second came close to Kolimvarionu.
Appeared on the horizon a third wave of German assault ...

5 move.
Shootout between paratroopers landed on the eastern shore of the bay of the Court, and the British garrison town of the same name ended with the death of the latter. Two other companies have tried to move to the second wave through a mountain pass to Chania came under mortar attack. And, although they do not suffer losses, a company that has lost during the landing half its strength, has been suppressed. But the second company came close to throwing mortar battery.
Somewhat British garrison in Kolimvarione managed to squeeze their fire to land paratroopers Zyussemana and at least delayed the capture of the city.
But the main developments are now at the airport of Maleme, where one after another landed four aviazvena Ju-52, with the mountain rangers on board. Will the third wave of troops to turn the tide in favor of the Germans?
Ongoing battles for supremacy over the airfield height 107 to recover from the first loss, the British infantry and mortars rained down on the height of the parachutists saddled all the power of his fire. After suffering heavy losses, skydivers can now only hope to help rangers. Will the mountain rangers for help?
It is worth noting not quite understand the position of the British command in respect of tank platoon "Matilda", which are not involved in any active hostilities. Took up defensive positions on the western outskirts of Chania. What is behind this? Perhaps some clever design?

6 move.
Under the cover of mortar fire, to replace the lost garrison courts have company of the 10th New Zealand Brigade. Shooting mortar introduced depressed parachutists have 2 mouth Courts. However attacked another company of paratroopers all battery fallen hero's death. The same fate befell their counterparts in the West Bank Tavronitis.
Another company made ​​a heroic act of the 5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade - the garrison village of Maleme, located at the airport. They boldly attacked the aircraft landed at the airport Ju-52 and destroyed the whole aviazveno with be on board mountain rangers, driving the fire on them from all kinds of weapons and throwing grenades. Landed close to another company of rangers saw the deaths of their Kameraden, attacked the New Zealanders. Ensued a terrible hand to hand combat, in which the opponents destroyed each other completely. However, the heroic actions of a single company of British troops severely weakened, immediately after the landing, the grouping of mountain rangers in Crete. Landed on the other side of the airport company of rangers and the German staff was more fortunate - yet no one attacked
  Radioed the platoon "Matilda" forced marches arrived in Maleme, where apparently the main events will unfold this battle.

7 move.
Furnishings near the courts still tense. Recovering from the loss and grouped two companies of German paratroopers preparing to attack this village. The third company of paratroopers who landed here, after the destruction of the mortar battery, moved the pass and the rear attacked British convoys - virtually unarmed, British motorists have suffered the first loss.
No better setting for the British troops and Kolimvariona. Here, German paratroopers with their fire destroyed dealing with defense in the ruins of the village of New Zealand infantry company. The village, or rather what was left of it, now defenseless.
Still, the fate of Crete solved at Maleme. Despite the losses suffered by the German headquarters (3.4 destroyed its composition), he led an attack on the mountain rangers platoon "Matilda". Started street fighting - the result of which is not yet clear to anyone. Meanwhile, pulling reserves lie in ambush, the British once again took control of the height of 107.
To Crete approaching last, the fourth wave of the German assault .... Peak intensity seems to have reached its limit.

8 move.
"Auntie Yu" one after the other landed on Maleme airfield without encountering any obstacles, as is the closest to the village of the same name by British tankers were tied close combat with mountain arrows. At the command headquarters, mountain arrows with him, at the same time, came out of the melee. However, the German headquarters came under fire were in the defense of New Zealand infantry and was destroyed.
In the Bay Area Court fighting continued until unsuccessful for German paratroopers - one of the mouth again suppressed. British convoys attacked by paratroopers, although suffered losses, but still managed to escape from the fire.
In the area of ​​Kolimvariona Germans liquidated another node defense of British troops - in an unequal battle killed a company of infantry.
Loaded on the mainland German bombers approaching Crete with their deadly cargo ...

9 move.
Aviation Luftwaffe unleashed its impact on the position of the British troops. South of the height of 107 dive-bombers destroyed the mortar battery. Aviazveno Ju-88 attacked the village of Maleme in hopes to break the British tank unit. Turning the village into the ruins to achieve their goal, they could not, at least completely, only a third of the tank platoon "Matilda" shot down. Control of Maleme in the hands of the British. To the accompaniment of the bombing of the village at the airport the landing of two platoons of scouts, the Wehrmacht, and howitzer battery VET battery.
Paratroopers of the first wave finally came into Kolimvarion. Their eyes appeared a picture of terrible destruction, but as long as they do not realize that they are involved in this crime ...
At the opposite end of the battlefield paratroopers of the 3rd Parachute Regiment came close to the village of the Court. All melee portends for this town.
Relatively quiet while in Maleme, where British troops, yet in full control of the situation. Attempt company of paratroopers to attack the city from the south ended in tears for them - the whole company was killed by machine-gun fire of the British.

10 move
After completing its mission of landing and losing only one link back to their airfields transport planes XI Air Corps Luftwaffe.
Meanwhile, at the airport, the main at this point, the site of fierce fighting, the British managed to destroy the tanks almost howitzer battery Wehrmacht. From total destruction saved her desperate attack scouts. Having been engaged in the destruction of the German reconnaissance, British tanks, distracted and balances howitzer battery began to deploy. At the other end of the airfield and the unfolding anti-battery Wehrmacht. Second Platoon scouts again captures the height of 107.
Finally worked out aerial reconnaissance link of German fighters - opened lie in ambush British units in Chania and Galatas.
Continues shooting British troops, entrenched in Aiye Maria with mountain rangers.
After a short and bloody battle paratroopers of the 3rd Parachute Regiment stormed the Court, where they were captured remnants of the New Zealand company that is fully expended ammunition.
Almost all the units of the German units lost at half its members, and in spite of the apparent success - capturing Courts and Kolimvariona talk about German victory prematurely.

11 move.
British troops are trying to restore the status quo before the Court. At the same time, troops fire from Chania and the Akrotiri Peninsula they put paratroopers seized the Court. The second company of paratroopers went through the pass between the heights of 670 and 508 end-point of their forced march to become Galatas.
Saving ammunition British tanks came out of the melee with the 1st platoon of German intelligence, but was immediately attacked by a second reconnaissance platoon whose sad fate - it is destroyed completely. Though in this case the British lost one more unit of ammunition that the slug tank hunger can lead to a stalemate. Using the fact that the British tanks were connected close combat, the German VET and balances howitzer battery had to turn around.
Two companies of paratroopers led the crossing of the river near the ford. Particular need to enter the operating room.
In the area of ​​Kolimvariona - calm.

12 move.
Attempt to completely destroy the German paratroopers in the British Court failed. Despite the low morale - jumpers, yet manages to survive. Their comrades continue their way through the pass.
Realizing that all the gunners could quickly end the German command sends both batteries ordered to fire suppression. Howitzers fired and completely destroyed Aiyyu Maria, but could not destroy its garrison, which, though suppressed. But all survived. Shooting battery VET more productive - for quite a long distance they were able to destroy the New Zealand company. The death of New Zealanders also was not in vain - his accurate fire they managed to paralyze one of the companies of paratroopers, who crossed the river.
Coming out of the melee tankers fire destroyed the remnants of the flank of the howitzer battery Wehrmacht.
In the area of ​​Kolimvariona - calm.

  13 move.
Trying to "Matilda" on the move and destroy the German VET battery failed. All guns Germans survived, though feeble anti-tank guns can not cause any serious harm to the powerful armor of tanks.
Surprisingly accurate fire of the British gunners from the height of 160 completely destroyed the last company of mountain rangers, came up close to Aiye Maria.
In the district courts of the British took a breather, spending regrouping. Germans still can not use it, so a lot of them incurred losses. The second company was over the pass and down into the valley southeast of Souda.
In the area of ​​Kolimvariona - calm.

14 move.
At Bay Court, without changes.
Continues melee British tanks with anti-German battery. For the British tank - it's a waste of precious shells.
Again distinguished British gunners from the height of 160 At this time, they suppressed the 9th Parachute Company, which tried to approach from the west of Galatas.
In the area of ​​Kolimvariona - still calm.
Command of the landing operation Germans trying finally turn the tide in their favor, sends to Crete bombers.

15 move.
The main actor in this segment are the Luftwaffe bombers. They make raids on the village of Galatas and the town of Maleme. Again, the result of their attacks are destroyed buildings, schools, churches. Completely destroyed Galatas, Chania seriously damaged, which rained down bombs bombers Ju-88 squadron III / LG 1. However, to break the resistance of the defenders Galatas Chania and they failed. Despite the fact that all units defending these settlements suffered losses, and convoy in Chania was destroyed, all the same control over them was for the British troops. The German command remains extremely unhappy with the results of the bombing.
Meanwhile, saving ammunition, the British tankers have to get out of the melee with the German anti-tank battery. Where to send their tanks Brits? Height 107 again under German control.
The German command sends two aviazvena Ju-52 for dropping ammunition to his troops on Crete.

16 move
Trying to help the German High Command ammunition its paratroopers failed. Emissions in Kolimvarione led to the destruction of ammunition (subject to rule on their wind issued out of the map). Ammunition in the district courts were thrown to a height of 670, which is equivalent to their destruction - to reach this height could only mountain rangers with their mountaineering training, but they have long been all killed by the Cretan land.
British tankers, not to fall into the trap of forced at full speed to send their "Matilda" in the direction of Aija Marina.
Since the West Bank Tavronitis is almost fully controlled by the Germans (with the exception of one forest hexes where hiding the British gunners, who by the way and did not take part in the fighting), the German High Command began planning an operation to seize Galatas and Aija Marina remaining parachute units . Although in this moment 9th Parachute company from the south broke into Galatas. Where dogfight ensued.

17 move
Firing skirmish subsided, only in some areas are weak shootout. Forces of both sides began to tactical play to take the most favorable position at the crucial moment.
To avoid further capture or destruction of the 8th Parachute company is forced to leave Galatas (she run out of ammo, and from personnel remained almost half).
On the Akrotiri peninsula in the district courts transferred another New Zealand company - apparently preparing to storm the British courts.
5th parachute company of Germans leaving the height of 107 to march towards Aiye Marina.

18 move
The 9th Parachute company before the march to the height of 150 attacked British gunners stationed here, but without causing losses to the enemy themselves have lost a quarter of its members.
Retreating from Galatas 8th parachute company in pursuit of the Germans was fired by the New Zealand garrison and suffered a loss - now on its original line-up there were only a quarter. However (after passing the test for resistance) they were able to move and avoid total destruction.
5th Parachute company could destroy half the garrison prison and put them down. Platoon "Matilda" has moved in their direction, to help their comrades.

19 move
Taking off to explore the area of ​​Chania aviazveno Luftwaffe fighter and this time did not show the result.
Bombardment "Matilda" 5th parachute company did not bring harm to the German paratroopers, and they came very close to Aiye Marina.
The 9th Parachute company moving away from the melee with machine guns at an altitude of 150 left in an olive grove in the southern outskirts of Galatas (it saved the gunners of the captivity, because they ran out of ammunition).
New Zealand infantry, after a long hiatus, took control of the Court. Now, it will re-enter the British ships in the bay.

20 move
Exhausted by continuous fighting forces on both sides of the last forces are trying to perform their tasks.
German 5th Parachute company from assault landing regiment vigorously attacked the garrison Aija Marina and in the fleeting battle destroyed its remains. Control of the prison went to the Germans.
Simultaneously, the 9th Parachute company attacked Galatas. With the move to capture him failed and paratroopers bogged down in fierce melee combat with the New Zealanders.
Maleme airfield landed two Ju-52. What they brought to the island: ammunition, which is so lacking, or reinforcements - Highland Fusiliers? It is not known to us. The game ended. (Actually, their occupation landing served two hexes airfield).

Results of:
According to the results of the game managed to capture the German units: Kolimvarion airfield of Maleme, Aiyyu Marino that was 350 points. They were destroyed by enemy troops 215 points.
British troops, in turn. Kept Chania and the Court - 250 points + 224 points for destroyed enemy troops
Under the terms of the script and given the destroyed units through 565 - 483 in favor of the Germans.
Game, excluding training and breaks lasted about five hours.

All successful games.

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3 года 4 мес. назад#47284от JonDee
JonDee ответил в теме Re: REPORT on the game scenario "Of Crete. Operation" Merkur
Wow! An amazing and epic game, thanks for posting this. And Google Translate worked reasonably well, with only a few funny phrases. :) I'm sure my own battle reports have some funny wording when converted to Russian.

I couldn't read the original scenario (as images don't translate...) so I didn't understand the objectives at first. But I could follow the unfolding action and it looked like a really fun game. I can completely understand the long playing time -- lots going on all over the map.

I'm curious: did you have to designate the landing sites for the Germans at the start of the game, or were you able to choose their destinations based on how the game was going at the time?

(EDIT: Ah, I see this:

"In the future, the first and the second wave were on a converging path from the west and from the east to attack the town of Chania and grab it.
The landing of the third and fourth wave was to develop the offensive in those areas in which parachutists have maximum success."

... suggesting you had to commit the second wave ahead of time, but you got to choose where to go with the third and fourth wave?)

Also, I was surprised that the British tanks played such a small role early in the game, and then tended to get stuck in Assault. I would have expected them to avoid terrain where they could be assaulted and use their strong firepower versus the paratroopers from the safety of open terrain. But I'm guessing the British player was fearful of the Stuka attacks, and wanted to keep his valuable tanks within the extra protection of the town? Still, those tanks did some serious fighting later in the game and proved their value.

This looks like great fun, and shows just how epic and dynamic an Art of Tactic game can be. The board looks fantastic too. Where did you get the maps for the oceans -- are they from Zvezda's ship-fighting game, in English called "Armada Invincible"?

Thanks again for the great report. If I can find a translated version of the scenario I'd like to try this one myself sometime!

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3 года 4 мес. назад#47286от Gerry
Gerry ответил в теме Re: REPORT on the game scenario "Of Crete. Operation" Merkur
Landing site on Crete were at the airport in Maleme. This is indicated in the script - indicated hexes airfield.
As part of British tanks you are right - they took care of.
Maps of the sea is really taken from "Invincible Armada."
Well, the script can be converted to Google :D

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