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Battle Report: "Tank Combat" Scenario 3, Ambush

3 года 9 мес. назад#45810от JonDee
JonDee создал эту тему: Battle Report: "Tank Combat" Scenario 3, Ambush
I'm continuing to share information about Barbarossa and its related games on BoardGameGeek. I've just finished posting a battle report for Tank Combat.

You can see it on BoardGameGeek HERE.

This time I included images of the cards with orders written on them, something I hadn't included in my other reports. (This time it was just six tanks for six... well, seven turns, so it was manageable.)

Only problem being, the new cards that are coming with Battle for Moscow use a different format and, it looks like, slightly different notation for the orders. Oh, well. This will still help with the original cards while they last.

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