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Review of "Tank Combat" on BoardGameGeek

3 года 10 мес. назад#45630от JonDee
JonDee создал эту тему: Review of "Tank Combat" on BoardGameGeek
Still helping to spread the word about this game to English speakers, I've just posted a review of the mini-starter-set "Tank Combat" on BoardGameGeek. The small starter set lets players try out the system with just a handful of tanks on small boards; it's a great introductory set for Barbarossa.


The key conclusion from that review (but it's worth reading the whole thing... really! :) :

Is this a good introduction to Art of Tactic, and especially Barbarossa: 1941?
Absolutely, and this is probably the game’s greatest strength.

I’ve mentioned throughout this review the way that the game simplifies the Barbarossa system by eliminating whole swathes of rules: infantry, artillery, and air power are completely absent. Even supply hardly plays a part, since games are short and will tend to be over by turn length or destroying the enemy before players consume all 10 points of a unit’s ammunition. Sticking to tanks means that you’ll eliminate all those rock-paper-scissors situations where lucky tanks can roam the battlefield unopposed by hapless infantry with no AT weapons.

Sticking to tanks even makes unit assembly a breeze compared to Barbarossa, helping to further lower the bar to getting started with the system.

If you want to teach new players the principles of the Art of Tactic system – writing orders, the kinds of orders available, the combat system, movement on the map, terrain’s role in line of sight and offering protective cover, and so on… the Tank Combat is a great way to get them started.

If you have a group of prospective Barbarossa players who are uncertain about diving into the full game, you can spend one evening play a couple of games of Tank Combat, and then spend what remains of the evening introducing other elements of Barbarossa which you can try out in the next session.

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