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Transporting-towing capacity

5 года 5 мес. назад#24926от 3b-fly
3b-fly создал эту тему: Transporting-towing capacity
I think, this is one of the greatest problem in a AoT game. Units (companies) consists of 2-5 platoons in this game (talking about Germans), but transports have capacity of 5 or 6. So there are many empty vehicles lumbering across battlefield. ----> If i build fluffy PD schützen brigade (its realy problematic, because composition rules are not realistic), i have artillery companies towed by companies of 251s or Opels.
So... here is my recommendation. Make grafical slash in a opel card, separating supplies ammongst platoons. Make additional card for 251 with its transport capacity. Allow platoons which are not towing to transport supplies. Opel company with 3 platoons towing howitzers and 3 platoons with ammunition will help for realistic game.

Make small HQ with unit size 3, without concealment rule and much cheaper.

And finaly. Make unit of 250s with unit size 3, useable for transporting small HQ, 1 machineguns and small ammunition supplies for them or towing artillery in a mechanized battalions.

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