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ArCon 27, Oslo, Norway, 24-26Jun2011 ... and other items.

6 года 10 мес. назад#4590от LouCoatney
LouCoatney создал эту тему: ArCon 27, Oslo, Norway, 24-26Jun2011 ... and other items.
This is the big annual wargames convention in Norway. <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="/www.spillfestival.no">www.spillfestival.no</a><!-- w -->

It is VERY good to see there is such a wargames forum in Russia. I hope you folks will reach out to us. As many of you probably already know, there is much PRO-Russian interest in your Great Patriotic/Fatherland War of 1941-45 here in the West, especially among wargamers.

It is also very good to see a major hobby company like Zvezda getting into wargames ... models of historical EVENTS, not only equipment. This month, Britain's Airfix company is finally coming out with a "Sink the Bismarck" set of its 1:1200 models of Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, Ark Royal, Hood, heavy cruiser Suffolk, and 2 Tribal class destroyers ... which shows that another major plastic model company has finally realized the market potential in play and wargaming, rather than just display or radio control.

As for myself, I have free (but NOT public domain) boardgames, mostly about your war, on my webpages at en.rian.ru/letters/20070606/66740104.html ... interesting reading.

Igor Larin(?) from Dmitrov north of Moscow and I played my little German Eagle vs. Russian Bear game at St. Ambrose University in Davenport Iowa, some years ago.

All the best!

Lou Coatney

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6 года 10 мес. назад#4596от AsaThor
AsaThor ответил в теме Re: ArCon 27, Oslo, Norway, 24-26Jun2011 ... and other items

LouCoatney пишет:
Have there been any boardgames published in Russia about the GPW?

there are several games on this topic. You can read more if you check the following links (unfortunately only in Russian):
Battle of Kursk (war game, board game)
www.boardgamer.ru/samodelnaya-ig ... j-argument

There can be some more games, but these are the ones I can remember. Though, I've never played them. So, I can’t say anything whether they are good or not.

All the best

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