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International fans

6 года 2 нед. назад#17269от Lubo
Lubo создал эту тему: International fans
My name is Lubo, I am Czech WWII modeller in the scale 1:72.
Please let me express my THANK YOU - SPASIBA to Zvezda, for this good job!
As modeller, I started with air-planes, then continuing with armour-all plastic. I was always feeling that I need models that me and my children can play with, to make whole armies, to have fun been a "general".
Flames of war were just too expensive and too complicated. So I started to manufacture my own wooden armours.
Then was separately trying to find easy rules. None was easy.
Then suddenly last year I found ZVEZDA's Barbarossa 1941. It immediately attracted my attention. Please count with me:
- there is a big offer of models and the producer is going to do more
- the additional small boxed items are for reasonable price
- the boxes have nice pictures, good paper quality, small size - worth collecting
- the quality of the models inside the boxes have impressed me, you do not need glue
- each unit has its "unit card" - perfect idea, including in the box
- my sons (4 and 6years old) and me love them all, they start playing with different units, do not be affraid of falling things off, models are mainly constructed from bigger parts, qood quality sturdy plastic

Sofar I have bought both the starter set: Barbarossa 1941 and all small expansion boxes. We are looking forward to expansion box "battle of the Danube" and others that will follow.

Zvezda team, please add some more "how to play or battle reports" to YOUTUBE.COM so that it is easier to get used to rules.
Please continue with developping other, new units! THANK YOU. Lubo

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6 года 1 нед. назад#17288от eduard
eduard ответил в теме Re: International fans
Hello Lubo.

How wonderful to see fans of the game.
I want to please you, soon will come out "Battle of the Danube" in which developers will invest revised version of the rules. I think you will be much easier to play.
The game is really amazing.

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5 года 5 мес. назад#25069от 3b-fly
3b-fly ответил в теме Re: International fans
Luboši, napiš mi prosím na Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
Začínáme s AoT v Liberci a bylo by dobrý, aby časká komunita komunikovala.
V budoucnu bychom třeba mohli zorganizovat nějakou celokomunitní akci.

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5 года 5 мес. назад#25070от perkabg
perkabg ответил в теме Re: International fans
It's interesting to see fans abroad Russia! If you have any qwestions you can ask us. Our forum is very hospitable!

Вот модель и попала в мои кривые руки...

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